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Hi everybody! Have you just got your first cat well first of all what’s taking so long cats are amazing and second of all you are in the right place because here at relax my cat one of the our most important things that we like to do is to tell people and teach people how to make sure that their cats are happiest and healthiest So today me and Rags are here with a things you thought you knew; the first time cat owners guide There are a lot of things that people think they know about cats especially once you have owned them before Some of these are true and some of these are just straight-up myths so me and Rags are here to help get you to spell the myths from the truth And first like is that you that you feel my cat have a litter of kittens before you neuter her now I know the idea of having a sweet litter of kittens around the house is such a lovely idea but unwanted cats and kittens overwhelm animal shelters every year it is so much more kinder to your cat and to cats in general and to animal shelters that you get your cats neutered and as soon as they’re old enough Now with both female and male cat size between four and six months Now if you spay your female cat and she’s much more like to have a lot of life she’ll be much more happier and running jumping playing your male cats if you get them neutered will stop them spraying and make them less likely to wonder off and massively reduces them getting into it nasty fights with other Tomcats and where they can get horrible injuries and things like that Second one is that cats don’t need help grooming now cats are fastidious when it comes to their outward appearance and spend just as much time grooming as they do sleeping I’m sure of it Ragsy you certainly looks a good preen, don’t you? what cats do sometimes need help from their owners when it comes to grooming and it isn’t just to make them look pretty Make sure that you brush your cat regularly this helps with hair balls and with keeping their fur nice and knot free – especially in areas that are prone to matting which is between the legs and on the belly especially if they’re long hair like Ragsy here Third one is a fat cat is a happy cat now this is one of the most important wants to know the truth about and I know that a lot of people think that a big fat cat is really cuddly and cute and it’s one of those things that the media unfortunately helps to perpetuate sorry Garfield but your cat being overweight is so dangerous to their health and just means that their quality of life isn’t going to be very good.

Cats who are overweight are far more likely to develop diabetes which and many cats can actually be fatal rather than being able to be treated and the overweightness will also make them have joint problems which again will stop them being able to groom themselves and stop them from running and jumping and having a good time and really it is very important your cat has a balanced and nutritious diet to keep them nice and trim it also means that your cat is going to be with you a lot longer overweight cats don’t tend to live as long as cats who are healthy obviously and it’s just not fair on them if they can’t go and be a cat and all they can do is just be fat and in pain then it’s not very found them at all Fourth one if cats don’t need toilet training – Now most of the time when you get a kitten they have been litter box trained by their mother but sometimes and they don’t and it just happens what you need to help your cat do is associate where they go to a toilet with a specific area in the house so that they know that that is where it’s safe and that’s where they should be going to the toilet Litter box should be big enough for your cat to use and somewhere private because cats them aren’t really you into doing their business out in the open and it’s for all to see Even if your cat is predominantly an outside cat they may actually do most of their business outside but it is very important for them to have a litter box inside and for them to know how to use it properly and for times like if they’ve had surgery or they’re sick or you’re moving and you need to keep them in for few weeks if they don’t know how to use litter tray they are just going to mess all of your house and that’s not good for anybody And the last one – cats will be cats.

Now as independent as cats are compared to dogs it’s still very important for you to take out pet insurance on your cat now a lot of people I know who especially once you don’t really know cats really well don’t think that you need to take out pet insurance on your cat because they’re seven dependent and because quite a lot of them spend a lot of time outside and you can’t always keep an eye on them but it’s very important to have pet insurance on them and we find out with this with Ragsy a couple years ago when she needed dental surgery it came quite expensive and if we hadn’t had pet insurance for her that it would have been very very expensive for us Okay and that concludes things you’d thought you knew a first time cat owners guide I really hope you enjoyed this video let me know in the comments section below if you have any additional tips for people who are having their first cat and don’t really know what to do if you did like this video guys please give us a big thumbs up and if you haven’t done so already please hit the big red button if you want to subscribe and hit the little bell if you want to ever get any notifications when our videos come up which includes our tracks our live streams and our vlogs we will see you in our next video guys I hope you enjoyed this we will see you next week! Bye!

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