Cat Cafe Experience in Hong Kong

We are going to a different kind of restaurant today.

It’s a cat restaurant. We have never been to any cat restaurant yet. Don’t know what to expect. What are you expecting? Lots of cats of course!

We are now going in. So the restaurant is already [fully] booked. We didn’t know that we had to make an online reservation before coming here.

So, now we have to wait for like 45 minutes before we get in. Why are you buying socks Madiha? Because I am not wearing socks, and in their rules, it is written that you must wear socks, otherwise you can not come to the cafe.

Poor creature

One with a grumpy face soft That’s my drink, there is also a cat behind us Can you tell me the names? This is ‘ball’. This is ‘Jazz’ This is ‘Curry’ and which one is ‘Pineapple baby’? Over there.

Its name is ‘Pineapple baby’. It is making grumpy faces while sleeping. Salman, did you like the cats here? Yups. These cats are super loving. Which one is your favorite? This one is my best friend.

He never talks to me. He never disturbs me and that is why I love cats and love having pets in Hong Kong.

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