Hong Kong Pedigree Puppy Mills Expose The Ugly Side Of The City’s Pet Trade

Cooper is five years old and we adopted him a year and a half ago from el a lifelong Animal Protection.

Cooper has a dog hip dysplasia and severe arthritis and that mainly due to use a performer breeder dog and kept in a cage that was too small for him actually he’s much smaller than our other holding the sheepdog and again I think that’s because of the confinement.

He was unsure of things we try to pet him or get too close to him he would be hesitant and he would just show signs of stress at the moment Hong Kong has a legal loophole that allows puppy breeders to sell puppies to pet shops without having licenses.

Of the 16 biggest pet shops in Hong Kong, more than 90 percent of the puppies that they are selling are coming from unlicensed traders.

The problem with having puppy breeding without licenses is that it allows for people to determine how those animals are kept without any kind of supervision or control under the law a year last November.

It was an illegal dog breeding case and the gentleman was found guilty in fact I think he pled guilty and he was keeping 135 dogs and cats in some of the most appalling conditions I’ve seen it was a 700 square foot flat walk-up in time caught Choi people were living next door to this premises.

The barking must have been horrendous the smell must have been horrendous I mean he basically hadn’t cleaned any of those animals at first for years there was animals that were very sick there were animals with serious skin problems at the moment.

The legal loophole that allows breeders to sell dogs without being subjected to licensing conditions should be closed there’s been a public consultation going on for years now since 2010 and we are close to having an agreement that breeders in Hong Kong should be licensed what still hasn’t been decided is how many dogs breeders should be allowed to have and that is a critical issue it is not possible to humanely keep large numbers of dogs as if they are livestock

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